Buffet by the pool, a woman covered in chocolate among the pastries. Controversial photo of the resort.

Buffet by the pool, a woman covered in chocolate among the pastries.

A woman woman covered in chocolate swimsuit on one side of the pool appeared at a buffet with sweet food.

A Milan manager on vacation with his 14-year-old daughter didn’t like it at all, and he posted on social media about her “sexually targeted” female body, which was followed by very provocative comments afterwards.

A woman covered in chocolate

The controversy erupted in Linkin: Yesterday evening, after a beautiful day when many guests worked hard to have a relaxing day, I was speechless to see this scene: a dessert buffet by the pool, a girl in a ‘swimsuit’ lying between pastries on a chocolate-covered table. It’s written by Federico Magieri.

The manager then turns to the hotel chain: “Voi Hotels means true Italian hospitality, but what does it mean? What do Alpitour managers think of the representation of this female body?” When I expressed my dissatisfaction at the hotel, they said it was a ‘chocolate sculpture’. How can corporate values, such as tradition and innovation, exist on their websites, and let the body of a female worker fall into the eyes of a naughty boy.

The man also reported his 14-year-old daughter’s remarks: “Daddy, it’s terrible, this is not a country where I can realize myself,” and he concluded: “Talking about sustainability and ethics is very simple, making these corporate values alive in everyday life is definitely much harder.”

With countless comments about the post, almost all the anger and disgust, the Voi Hotel responded to the tourists. “First of all, we would like to express our most sincere apologies to you, your family and your daughter on behalf of all the Voi hotel management. We deeply regret this incident and would like to reiterate firmly that we did not intend to represent values other than those we use. We are taking immediate action to resolve this case and not to feel offended in any way by our customers.”

Manager’s response: 제I admit that there is no possibility of discussing with your Structural Manager that I asked for clarification and did not pay any attention to the aspects shown in the post, but I am still baffled.

The incident also became political: “A shameful episode, a disgusting episode,” shouted M5s Alessandra Todd, vice president. “Not only was I surprised that a passive and ready-to-use female model could be proposed in 2023, but I was going to comment on this episode with my grandson, son, and a 15-year-old and 13-year-old girl. They’re both angry. Don’t be upset that they can understand this problem, and talk about them who can understand the real girls’ problems.

According to former Vice Minister Mi-so, In order to truly change, many men’s minds, and to the same extent, many women’s minds, must change soon. I think the problem lies in the questionable balance of our society, which is maintained by routinely passing over the heads of those who suffer. This balance must change with education, model, and training. A lot of anger at this type of episode.

In the wake of the controversy, the hotel chain released the following memo. Admitting that this is a serious incident that does not represent the VOI Hotel and its value, No matter who is directly involved in this incident, we feel responsible and intend to deal directly with the opinions and criticisms we are currently receiving.

I’m telling you again. We once again apologize that respect for the parties is our top priority and that we have not been properly supervised here. We reaffirm our commitment to pursue the values we have declared and to spread more strongly in each country to prevent similar situations from happening again. Recognizing that full understanding, dissemination, and implementation of our values at all levels of the enterprise is the path to continuous evolution, we confirm our commitment to continue this path.

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